Animated Gifs

A collection of animated gifs for use with your web page.

Alex's Animated Gif Shop
The home of over 4,800 animated gifs for those building a website. New animated gifs are added twice a month.

Animated Gifs by Michael G. Shaikun
This site contains over 1,400 FREE animated gifs. It contains other items like-jpgs, letters, buttons and backgrounds.

Animated Gif Resource
Over 40 categories full of 5,000+ animated gigs. This fast growing site is worth checking out.

Animation Factory
This site is awesome, contains over 30,000 original animations and designs for use on your web page. Very well designed site and easy to navigate.

ARG! Cartoon Animation
With over 2,500 free cartoon animations no wonder they consider themselves the #1 cartoon studio on the web. Some of their work includes- dancing cartoon alphabet, dancing words and online greeting cards.

City Web
Free animated gifs, graphics, clip-art and icons. Includes nearly 2,000 graphic animations, free backgrounds and wallpapers, and more.
A good site with clip-art, font, photo and web graphic links. Ranked by traffic and quality.

Danny's Collection of Animated Gifs
Danny's collection of animated gifs! This site is contains HTML help a color cube and other misc. items.

DbMall Animated Gif Collection
This site currently has 58 categories with 257 pages and 1,494 animated gifs.

Debby's Gif Animation Page
A site containing over 325 pages of animation. Also includes a joke page, help on creating animations, publishing web pages and much more!

Dr. Fun's Animated Gifs
A nice collection of animated gifs. The page and animations load quickly.

Free Clip-Art
14,000 original free 3d animated gifs, clip-art and graphics. Web design, buttons, icons, characters, creatures and fun animations.

Making Animated Gifs
A site broken down into 3 parts to help you mke your own gif animations. It also contains some tips adn tricks.

Mikey's Collection of Animated Gifs
A collection of over 100 animated gifs. This site is well designed and pages load quickly.

The Best Animated Gifs
A collection of "high quality" animated gifs, buttons, icons, lines, bars and more.

Victoriana. Com Animated Gifs
A collection of "100 year old" animated gifs assembled from 19th century illustrations.

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