A wallpaper collection with many different varities available.

Beautiful Wallpaper
Your source for the most beautiful desktop wallpapers of supermodels, celebrities, landscapes, flowers, animals and south park. They currently have over 1000 wallpaper images available in all standard desktop resolution sizes.

Chuck's Wallpaper and Picture Collection
A site containing over 730 pictures on-line and many more coming! Includes- windows wallpaper, collectable pictures, scenic pictures and more.

Clint's Wallpaper
A wallpaper page with free wallpaper that can be used on your desktop or webpage!

Computer Wallpaper
A collection designed around various 3D rendered surreal desktop pictures, free image galleries as well.

Cross Daily Wallpaper
A site with a variety of wallpaper to choose from. Including - mountain scenery, animals, ocean views and more. They also have free greeting e-cards, poetry, chat and more!

This site has free custom wallpaper. Over 900 unique high quality images including textures, nature, 3D, fantasy and many more!

Free Wallpaper
A quick and easy guide for finding free wallpaper. Dozens of categories, 100's of sites, 1000's of free wallpapers.

Free Wallpaper Art
A archive of free wallpaper images and links. This site is laid out very nicely, and has a variety of items to choose from.

A huge collection of sunset wallpaper images. Also celebrity wallpaper, waterfalls, space, NASA, air force and more!

Groovy Wallpaper
A site with some "groovy" wallpaper. This site has some really neat wallpaper images to choose from.

Joke Wallpaper
Free humerous desktop wallpaper that makes fun of computers and popular culture.

Prince Edward Island Wallpaper
A collection of beautiful Prince Edward Island images, sorted into categories for use on your desktop.

Stone Pages' Wallpaper
The stone pages announce the availabilty of the first "megalithic" destktop picture!

This Nation
A wallpaper site with a variety of wallpapers to choose from. All of the wallpaper has to do with "our nation".

Wallpaper Factory
A huge variety of free wallpaper. Including - Alaska, Hawaii, Mad Max, Great Lakes and much more.

Wallpaper Heaven!
Your one stop source for wallpaper and web page background links.

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