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Traffic Generators

A variety of freeware and shareware links.

Clickin' is a Free-to-join Traffic Exchange.
With our Click-to-Surf System youŽll earn credits every time you visit another member's page.
You can earn credits from your own Team as well.
Each time they surf to earn their credits you will automatically earn credits too, depending on your membership type.
This is a comfortable way to create traffic. The more members in your team, the more points you will earn.

Build traffic to your website with the easiest Clickthru program on the Internet.
Easy quick sign-up. Easy to set start page. Easy to read and understand stats page.
Once you have signed up nothing could be easier to generate traffic to your web page. Every time you open your browser you will be taken to a members web page. For every two web sites that you visit you will receive one visit to your own website in return. Couldn't really be any easier than this.
Additionally you get...
* 50 Free credits just for joining * 100 Free credits for each person you recruit * 10% of all credits accumulated by your downline down to 6 levels deep.

Click Thru is a search engine that surfs websites like your remote control surfs TV channels. It's FREE, plus you earn ClickThru Cash for surfing!

Turn your site traffic into cash!
clickXchange offers the most commission types to help maximize your commission stream. Unlike other networks that only pay on sales and leads, clickXchange gives you the opportunity to earn commissions up to 5 different ways including our adpool bidding for rank rotator.

We deliver tens of thousands of hits to our members websites daily.
How The Program Works. is a surf for hits program. You receive advertising credits for surfing other members sites. For each credit you earn, you receive 1 visitor to your site.

Start Page Exchange
By setting your Start/Home page to the link we provide. Every time you start your browser a different EzyTraffic members web site will be loaded. In return your web site will be shown to other EzyTraffic members.

Hitharvester is a FREE Clickthrough Exchange, a service provided to help promote your own websites. Your website will be displayed and seen by thousands of our members around the world.
We are dedicated to provide you with thousands of high quality visitors. For every website you view on our network, you will receive one visitor to your website, an amazing 1:1 rate. Additionally, you can also earn money in real time for each website you actively view on our network.
Maximize your efforts to find new customers and drive free high quality traffic to your site by joining the web's premium ad network.

How does it work?
There are two simple ways you can earn free traffic!
1. Change your internet browser's start page to the one that you get as soon as you sign up! Every time you open your internet browser, you will view another member's website and earn hits to your own website!
2. Just login to your account and click on Start Surfing. That's it!
PLUS, you also earn hits by referring people to Hitpulse, whether they sign up or not!

Hit Snapper
HitSnapper is not an off-the-shelf script. It has been specifically designed for the purpose and is built entirely in house. We own the copyright and IPR and all enquiries for development work should be addressed directly to our CEO Martyn Walker (
HitSnapper's forth week of operation exploded with over 660,000 page impressions and more than 3.3 million 'hits' (each page having an average of 6 elements). This generated enough interest from advertisers, sponsors and potential investors to keep the project as a low cost high value product for our members. One year's membership remains at just $19.95 and continues to offer the first 4000 credits for Advantage members free of charge .

I Love Hits
I LOVE Free, Simple, Guaranteed HITS!
"It just couldn't be easier to have people actually see your site than this!"
It is simple.... You view other member's sites. For every 2 you look at, you get 1 page view at your website. Everybody Wins! You don't even have to touch your web pages. No changes to your page coding required!
Surf 100 sites, you get 50 page views. Now, just do that every day and you have 1500 page views per month, totally free. It would be easy to double that figure by surfing a little over 1 hour a day.
Signup, Start Surfing and Check Your Hit Counter... Automatically earn hits just by setting your Browser's start up page to your own personal startpage link. After 20 seconds you'll see a "Next Site" link. You can continue earning hits to your heart's content.

No More Hits
How it works.
Simple - ALL you do is modify the startup page of your browser. Next time you start your browser, you will automatically visit a member's website. And this is where it gets exciting!
For every 2 browser startups your website will receive 1 visitor back! That is a 50% conversion rate. Costing you absolutely nothing.
Welcome to the Advertising Network! provides the perfect partnership network platform connecting digital publishers and advertisers with the power of our unique cutting edge advertising system technology .

PopUp Traffic is the perfect way to make extra income out of your website. In addition to your normal banner ads, add code to pop up a window.
Popuptraffic is the intelligent way to make your website more profitable.

Traffic Roundup
TrafficRoundup is an award winning traffic exchange, and a leader in the hit exchange industry.


How it works: You visit other member's websites and in exchange they will visit yours. For every two member sites you view, your site will be shown one time to other TrafficRoundup members.
You also earn residual traffic when you tell others about Traffic Roundup! Residual (referral) traffic is earned on four levels of your downline.
Our optional PRO membership is one of the best deals offered by any hit exchange.

USA Superclicks
- USA Superclicks brings you the internet traffic you need for your web business to succeed! Our state of the art, award winning traffic exchange is feature rich providing you with high quality traffic. - Join as a free member and earn credits by visiting member sites. For each visit you receive a visit in return (1:1 ratio).

Viral Visitors
FOUR Ways to Earn FREE Visitors: No Login required to Surf, earn visitor credits every time you start your browser. Tell a few friends, and start earning passive visitor credits of 10% on 5 levels of referrals.
  • FREE: Click eXchange, Visitor Exchange, Startpage, Surf for Credits:
  • WIN up to 999 free BONUS Credits INSTANTLY while Surfing:
  • WIN up to $20.00 "REALrovingCASH" INSTANTLY while Surfing:
  • Members may only visit your site once a day - no one person will eat up your credits
  • 10% over-ride credits for 5 levels
  • 10% over-ride commissions for 5 levels
  • three entry levels - free membership - 2 levels paid associates
  • no login required to surf
  • Set your own number of Page Views per Day
  • Real Time Stats accessible 24/7
  • Bonuses, Contests and Surprises for free credits
  • promote 1, 3 or 5 URLs depending on your level of membership

    Virtual Traffic Jam
    How does it work?

    It's simple, all you do is change your internet browser's default start page to the one we give you when you sign up! Every time you open your internet browser to surf the net, you'll see another member's website and earn hits to your own website at a rate of 1 visitor for every 2 websites you visit! The more you surf via your special link, the more traffic you'll receive!

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